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Bissell Library: Reserve a Study Room

Online Reservation Instructions

  1. Log in to your ACT email account. Booking slots should then be visible.
  2. Select a Group Study Room by clicking on the corresponding tab.
  3. See available slots in button format and click on your selection. (Each slot is one hour long. Only two consecutive hours are allowed for booking by the same person/group).
  4. Edit only the "Description" section by adding the total number of people for the slot.
  5. Hit "Save" to make your booking.

Please note that you may inform by email other members of your group by adding them as "Guests" at the booking window on your calendar.

Reserve a Group Study Room

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If you wish to cancel...

  1. Open the window of your booking at your ACT email account and hit the "Delete" button.
  2. Select "Delete & Update Guests" if you have added guest members.

You are kindly requested to do this if you decide to cancel so that the room becomes available again for others.

Group Study Room Policy

  • Group study rooms may be used by current graduate/undergraduate ACT students, ACT/Anatolia faculty and staff, Anatolia High School/IB students, and ACT/Anatolia alumni. 

  • During the academic year, priority is given to ACT students.

  • GSRs are for academic purposes (group projects; seminars; faculty-student meetings; interviews).

  • A group study room may be booked in advance of its use online, by phone, or at the Library Hub.  

  • Rooms may be reserved for up to two consecutive hours per day.  If no other booking has been made for the time following, a request for an extension may be made at the Library Hub.

  • If a room booking has not been honored within 15 minutes of the time booked, the room may be allocated to others.

  • Priority is given to pairs/groups (2 persons +) over individuals during busy times.

  • All codes of conduct in effect at the Bissell Library apply to use of the group study rooms.

  • Library staff will monitor the use of the group study rooms and shall control access to the rooms.

  • Blinds must remain open at all times in the group study rooms.

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