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by Stella Asderi on 2018-05-31T15:40:00+03:00 | Comments

The Bissell Library has a new collaboration with the well-known JSTOR database. Books at JSTOR provides a Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) option that enables institutions to provide access to thousands of books. Books are offered in full in the format of chapters and are automatically purchased only when books have reached 6 chapter views or 4 chapter downloads.

The benefits we get from this collaboration:
- Collection development is in the hands of the users. It saves time for both faculty and students, as well as staff and guarantees the use of the sources bought. 

- Allows for subject specific insights. New subject areas grow easily based on the user needs.

- Increases access. There is access to thousands of titles that haven't been purchased by the library. The collection spans to various disciplines so that all possible needs are covered.

-Saves money. Access to the books is free. If the use exceeds the 4 chapter downloads or 6 chapter views per book only then a title is purchased. Through our collaboration with AMICAL Consortium we manage to get a remarkable discount to the original value of the books.

How to access JSTOR e-books?
Simply search the JSTOR database on your topic of interest. Search can also be limited so that the results are only chapters from the e-books. 


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