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Harvard OU Citation Guide: Lecture Notes

Material Type

Reference List Example

In Text Example


Tutor/Lecturer (year) Title of seminar/lecture/presentation [Seminar to Module code tutor group, location], Date.

Bloggs, F. (2014) Which came first: the chicken or the egg? [Lecture to ZZ123 tutor group, Milton Keynes], 15 May. 

(Bloggs, 2014)

Course reader   

Author, A. (year of publication of reading) ‘Title of article’, in Editor, A. (ed[s]) (year of publication of reader) Title of Reader, Place of publication, Publisher.

Farrington, D. (2004) ‘Criminological psychology in the twenty-first century’ in Turner, J., Brace, N., Motzkau, J., Briggs, G. and Pike, G. (eds) (2009) Critical Readings in Forensic Psychology, Milton Keynes, The Open University.

(Farrington, 2004)

PowerPoint Presentations

Tutor/Lecturer (year) Title of PowerPoint Presentation [PowerPoint slides to Module code tutor group, location], Date.

Bloggs, F. (2015) Historical overview of teaching methodologies [PowerPoint slides to Applied Linguistics 274, Thessaloniki], 13 March.

(Bloggs, 2015)

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