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Annual Student Publication to commemorate and highlight the events that took place in their graduating year.

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The annual yearbook, “The Anatolian”, published first in Merzifon commenced again in 1928 to enable Anatolia students to “recall their Alma Mater regardless of what far corner of the world they may journey to.” Each yearbook provides a unique glimpse into the academic and social life of Anatolia College students through the decades. The yearbook collection is important in that it provides a perspective of Anatolia College from the students’ point of view, in that sense, they almost serve as students’ annual report of the College. The Yearbooks document the people, events, activities, and ideas of the Anatolia College community during school years. The Yearbooks were published annually. In addition to the usual portraits and pages devoted to activities and clubs, the collection provides an invaluable record of intellectual life on campus and the culture of the community during those decades. The Anatolia College Yearbooks attest to a history of values and vision that we can all be proud of. The Students and graduates of Anatolia College took advantage of their unique opportunity for self-expression, for expanding their minds and understanding in all directions, and they determine to go out into every corner of Greece to be a powerful leaven of fearless judgment, honest dealings, and a spirit of service which extends not only to the community but to the country and to the whole world. These are the qualities for which Anatolia stands.

Source: Anatolia College (1928-2014), ANATOLIAN [Yearbooks], Thessaloniki, The Students of Anatolia College.

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