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Digital Humanities: About

DH - Digital Humanities


Guide on Digital Humanities

The aim of the Digital Humanities Guide is to introduce to faculty, librarians, archivists and students to start an engagement with digital humanities and encrourage its integration in teaching.


What is Digital Humanities (DH)?

Digital Humanities is a broad field of research and scholarly activity covering not only the use of digital methods by arts and humanities researchers and collaboration by Digital Humanities specialists with computing and scientific disciplines, but also the way in which the arts and humanities offer distinctive insights into the major social and cultural issues raised by the development of digital technologies.

Image from: Universo Abierto, Article title: “Special Report: Digital Humanities in Libraries: A new American Libraries/Gale Cengage survey shows uncertainty and adaptation in this growing field.” American Libraries, 2015

DH approaches

Digital Humanities are involved in a wide range of theoretical and computing aspects such as:

                              Text encoding             Web Publishing Platforms

                               Data Management            Digital Publishing

                                                          Text Analysis