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Bissell Library Scholars' Summer Program 2023


The Bissell Library and the Bissell Library Scholars' Summer Program invite scholars from the U.S. -- who will be visiting Thessaloniki, Greece, during summer 2023 -- to use our quiet, scholarly library spaces for their work/writing/research during their stay.

Program Information

June 1st, 2023 - July 31st, 2023

Opening hours Monday to Friday:
9:00 am-17:00 pm

(5th June is a Holiday and we will be closed)

What we offer

Bissell Library offers:

  • A quiet scholarly environment
  • Free Wi-Fi guest account
  • Air conditioning
  • Modern facilities
  • Flexibility in creating time schedule
  • Experienced and friendly librarians 

About the Program

As part of the program Scholars will:

  1. be able to use the library facilities and spaces 
  2. get to meet other scholars 
  3. have flexibility in the space use and visiting times within our working hours
  4. enjoy a quiet, air-conditioned environment for writing
  5. be able to book a booth for phone calls
  6. be able to use our grounds for their breaks

Note: Scholars need to bring their own laptop/devices


Scholars are expected to develop a seminar/workshop/session based on their area of expertise and present it to ACT or to Anatolia College High School students in the forthcoming fall term.

This can be an online class, either live or recorded, in which they will share in their areas of expertise. Recommended duration depending on their use of the library space:
1 to 2 weeks use of the Library 
⇒ 1 hour seminar/workshop/session
3 to 4 weeks use of the Library
⇒ 2 hour seminar/workshop/session
5 to 6 weeks use of the Library 
⇒ 3 hour seminar/workshop/session

How to apply

Interested Scholars need to submit their applications online by 28th May. Communications regarding acceptance to the program will be sent on the 30th May. 

Click the button below and Apply Now!

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