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Submit your Thesis: Home

This guide is helping you to submitt your Senior thesis, providing you step by step asistance and all the corresponding forms
Congratulations! You are about to graduate from ACT!
Once your thesis has been finalized and is ready for submission, please follow the procedure bellow:

Submission of thesis step by step

1st STEP:
 Fill out electronically the “Institutional Repository Submission Form” (Google Form 1) with your thesis bibliographic details and upload your thesis file on that form. If you happen to have a larger than 10MB file please send it to
2nd STEP:
• Consult with your advisor regarding the access status of your thesis and select OPEN or INTERNAL or CONFIDENTIAL (one of the three) as indicated in the Institutional Repository License (Google Form 2).
3rd STEP: 
• Make sure you have returned all your Anatolia books to the Library. 
• If you happen to have any outstanding obligations towards the library i.e. borrowed books or fines, you’ll be contacted via email by the library staff.

Important Note

Please note that you are able to graduate only once you have fulfilled all your obligations towards the library.

Good luck and best wishes for a successful career!


If you need any help, contact your Librarian

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