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Zotero Help Guide: Types of sources

Reference Management Software

Types of sources

When the program is installed, you will see specific capture icons in the right corner of your url bar when you open your firefox browser.

Collection of sources

When a list of articles or books displays, a folder icon appears in the url 


Individual citation

When one citation is selected, for instance an article, the icon is a white sheet of paper:




An individual book is indicated by this book icon:



Web page

When a web page is recognized by Zotero, an icon of a page is indicated:


Unrecognized web pages (#unidentified)

However not all webpages, articles and books are recognized from Zotero. When you don’t see any of the aforementioned icons in your url, this means that there are no available metadata for your item and you have to add the page manually. First click on Create web page; this will save some basic information for the website and also archive a copy of the page. Then add in the Info box any further information that is useful to your research and best describes your item.