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Library Catalog Help Guide: Advanced Search

How to perform an Advanced Search

Advanced Search Options

For a more complicated search you may select the Advanced Search Option.

The Advanced Search page offers many ways to limit the results of your search. You can limit them by using the drop down menus and a combination of the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT.

For example, if you are searching for the effects of genetically modified foods on the human body, the search could be formulated as in the picture below:

By this strategy, you have searched for the topic Genetically Modified Foods in the Subject Field only and for the topic Health, which may appear anywhere in the record. The search could have been performed in a more complicated way, as shown below:

NOTE: The more complicated the search, the higher the chances of returning zero results.



Additional Fields/Limits

The Advanced Search page also shows the multiple kinds of limits that can be applied to your search results.

For date ranges, you will type the year, a range, or a 'greater than (>)' or 'less than (<)' year. For example: 2000-2013. You could also use -2000 for everything published before 2000 or 2008- for everything published after 2008.

 You may also limit your search to the Item Type. Below are shown all the different formats that the libraries possess.




Next to the Item Type section you may find the Collection and the Shelving Location tabs. Selecting from the given options will further narrow down your search results.




NOTE: Some Item Types, Collections, or Shelving Locations appear in only one of the two branches, ( e.g. Vertical Files, Basement, and Παιδική Λογοτεχνία), can be found only in the Eleftheriades Library.


Other useful limiters that can be found on the Advanced Search page are the Language, the Location, and the Sorting features.


For the location you may select the results to display the holdings of either or both of the libraries. The default Sort by Relevance is very useful for general keyword and Subject searches. However, if you are searching by Title and you prefer the results in alphabetical order, you may select as shown below:



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