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Anatolia College Archives and Special Collections: Tsakopoulos Collection


The Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection of books donated to American College of Thessaloniki and housed in Bissell Library, is a small part from the large collection of 75.000 volumes donated by the Tsakopoulos Family to California State University Sacramento (CUSUS) in 2002. it is the largest collection of its kind in the United States of America.

The  collection is valuable in the preservation of Hellenic history and civilization through the ages and the contribution to the world. It serves many functions, beyond the impressive volume of knowledge of the Hellenic spirit including research, education, publications, seminars, exhibitions and a spectrum of activities.

The part of Tsakopoulos Collection housed in Bissell Library of ACT, consists of 2780 books in the following languages, 1) Greek (1020 books), 2) English (1396 books), 3) French (104 books), 4) German (32 books), 5) Bulgarian (95 books), 6) Russian (82 books), 7) Serbian (33 books), 8) Croatian, Italian & Armenian (3 books in each language).

The corpus of the collection refers to different periods of hellenic history, language, civilization, art, literature, specifically the collection covers a wide spectrum on 1) History, 2) Education, 3) Religion, 4) Literature, 5) Philosophy, 6) Archeology, 7) Economics, 8) Geography, 9) Biography, 10) Political and Economic sciences, 11) Art, 12) Architecture, 13) Social Sciences, 14) Proceedings, 15) related Symposia and Seminars, and 16) Archival material of different publications and journals,

        - Prepared by George Paganelis, curator of the Tsakopoulos Collection at California State, Sacramento, and Dr. Konstantinos Arvanitakis, Emeritus Professor Of Medicine, Aristotle University