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Anatolia College Archives and Special Collections: Jewish Archive Microfilm Collection


The Anatolia College Archives & Special Collections holds a microfilm collection of the history of Jews in Greece 1817-1960 and of Thessaloniki Jewish Community. All of the microfilm is from the Holocaust Museum, there are three separate collections of microfilm:

  • RG-45.001M---Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Archives:  This collection contains records from the "Jewish Collection-Archives of the History of the Jews in Greece, 1885-1957". Copies of documents taken from various fonds in the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Archives, mainly from the central political files and the reports from Greek embassies and consulates, to create the "Jewish Collection". The language is greek, there are 4 microfilm reels (35mm).
  • RG-45.002M--Declaration of Finances and Property Records from the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki‚Äč: This collection includes registration forms, which were completed by more than 43.000 members of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki prior to their deportation to Auschwitz. Records were found in offices of Athens Jewish Community in 1995-1996. The language is greek and german from 1943. There are 12 microfilm reels (35 mm) in the collection.
  • RG-11.001M.42--Records of the Stock Company "Saloniki-Palestine,"Saloniki (Fond 1473):This Collection contains correspondence with banks and firms, including the Jewish Colonial Bank in London. The language is greek, german, english, french, hebrew, from 1924-1941. There are 3 microfilm reels (16 mm).