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Harvard OU Citation Guide: Governmental Publications

Material Type

Reference List Example

In Text Example

Cases (Law Reports)

Name of parties involved [Year] Volume number if available and abbreviated name of report and first page

R v Jones [2009] EWCA Crim 120.

R v Jones [2009]

Acts of Parliament (Statutes)

Country. Name of Act: Name of sovereign. Chapter number/Act identifying code (Year). Place of publication, Publisher.

Wales. Local Government Byelaws (Wales) Act 2012: Elizabeth II. 2012 anaw 2 (2012) London, The Stationery Office.

(Wales. Local Government Byelaws (Wales) Act 2012)

Parliamentary or Assembly Bills

Country. Parliament [if UK or Scottish Parliament]. Name of House/ Assembly (year) Name of Bill. Place of publication, Publisher (Bill number).

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons (1999) Transport Bill. London, The Stationery Office (Bills 1999–2000 8).

(Transport Bill. Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons, 1999)

EU Regulations, Directives,

Title including the type of document (e.g. Regulation (EU)).  Official Journal of the European Union. (Document) Date of publication. Available at URL. (Accessed date).

Commission Decision of 28 June 2013
appointing members and alternatives of the Committee for Advanced Therapies to represent clinicians and patients’ associations. Official Journal of the European Union (2013/C187/08) 29 June. Available at (Accessed 21 June 2013).

(Commission Decision, 2013/C187/08) 

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