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Harvard OU Citation Guide: Internet/Websites

Material Type

Reference List Example

In Text Example

Webpage: No Author

Title of Document (year of publication if given) [Online], Place of publication, Publisher. Available at URL (Accessed date).

Improve indigenous housing now (2007) [Online], Melbourne, Australian Institute of Architects. Available at  (Accessed 25 October 2015).

(Improve indigenous housing, 2007) 

Webpage: No Date

Author, A. (n.d.) Title of Website [Online]. Available at URL (Accessed date).

National Theatre (n.d.) Stagework [Online]. Available at (Accessed 15 December 2011).

(National Theatre, n.d.)

Web Document

Author, A. (year of publication if given) Title of Document [Online], Place of publication, Publisher. Available at URL (Accessed date). 

Spitzer, K. L. (1998) Information Literacy: Essential Skills for the Information Age [Online], Syracuse, NY, ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology, Syracuse University. Available at (Accessed 28 October 2014).

(Spitzer, 1998)


Author, A. (year of publication) Title of Website [Online], Place of publication, Publisher. Available at URL (Accessed date).

Open University Library (2012) Library Services [Online]. Available at (Accessed 24 September 2012).

(Open University Library, 2012)


Author, A. (year of publication/last updated) ‘Title of message’, Title of Website, day/month of posted message [Blog]. Available at URL (Accessed date).

Sloniowski, L. (2005) ‘Because sharing is nice’, Information Literacy in Canada, 30 June [Blog]. Available at (Accessed 2 February 2009).

(Sloniowski, 2005)

Web Based Image / table / figure

Artist/photographer (year of production) Title of image [Online]. Available at URL (Accessed date).

Kitto, J. (2008) Golden Sunset [Online]. Available at (Accessed 14 June 2010).

(Kitto, 2008)

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