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Eleftheriades Library: Library Policies

Anatolia College Libraries


The mission of the Eleftheriades Library is to educate and to empower our students to achieve their full potential and to become active readers, independent thinkers, information literate lifelong learners and responsible citizens. In partnership with teachers, we will provide a stimulating and positive environment which will enhance the curriculum and school programs. We will do so by building strong, relevant collections by incorporating new technologies and pedagogies to support teaching, learning and engagement. We will also deepen our relationship with the Anatolia communities with a commitment to preserve and develop our special collections.

Access Policies

Type of books HS students
(2 items max)
DP Students
(5 items max)
(10 items max)
(5 items max)
(2 items max)


14 days + 1 renewal for 14 days 14 days + 1 renewal for 14 days 90 days + 1 automatic renewal for 90 days 30 days + 1 automatic renewal for 30 days 14 days + 1 automatic renewal for 14 days

Graphic Novels & Back issues of magazines

7 days + 1 renewal for 7 days 7 days + 1 renewal for 7 days 45 days + 1 automatic renewal for 45 days 15 days + 1 automatic renewal for 15 days 7 days + 1 automatic renewal for 7 days
Non-circulating or reserved books Overnight or weekend borrowing Overnight or weekend borrowing Overnight or weekend borrowing N/A N/A
Fines 0.15€/day 0.15€/day N/A N/A N/A

Library materials may be borrowed under the conditions determined by Library loan policies above.  

Library users with borrowing privileges are responsible for the return, in undamaged condition, of all materials borrowed in their name by the due date or upon request of the library staff. 

No library materials may be removed from the library without being properly checked out. 

Certain types of materials, such as current issues of periodicals or reference materials may be used only within the library.   

Borrowers who lose a book or other items will be asked to replace or pay for the lost items plus a 5 Euro processing fee.

Library facilities may be used for those purposes that are consistent with the library’s mission.

Display of posters, photographs, signs or notices is prohibited, except with approval by the Library staff. 

Individuals who wish to film or photograph within the library must first obtain permission from the Public Relations Office. Such requests will be accommodated only if there is minimal impact on library service and its environment.

The Library can be made available for events upon request.

Users should always log on to public computers with a school account.

Off-campus access to subscription databases is a privilege, not a right.  Anatolia Libraries take seriously its legal responsibility to comply with licenses and current copyright law.. 

Priority is given to searching the online catalog or subscription databases.

Inappropriate use includes:

  • Attempting to modify or remove equipment or attempting to disrupt system performance

  • Distributing information not intended for distribution

  • Playing computer games

  • Viewing or sharing obscene or harassing material

Any student found violating the provisions of this policy will be reported to the School Administration. Access to the computer network may be denied by disabling the student’s account for a period of not less than five (5) days depending on the severity of the violation.

Library users should be considerate of others when they use the library, and keep the volume of their conversations at a reasonable level. Users who create disturbances will be asked to leave.

Use of mobile phones is for educational purposes only; therefore they should normally be turned off or turned to silence.

Smoking is prohibited.

Food and drink are not allowed in the library, except for water in closed containers.

Only animals trained to assist and accompanying persons with disabilities are allowed inside the library. 

Library users must not vandalize, alter or damage library materials, furniture, facilities or equipment, including computer systems, programs or data.  Users may be required to pay for or replace damaged items. Those who fail to observe this may face loss of library privileges or disciplinary action. 

Persons leaving the library must produce any library item in their possession for inspection if called upon to do so. 

Any person in the library building may be asked by library staff and/or security personnel to show identification and, if the person refuses, he or she may be asked to leave the building. 

Library users must leave the premises if requested to do so by a library staff member. 

Anyone violating these rules may be denied future access to the library.

These policies will be reviewed on a regular basis as deemed appropriate by the Library Administration.

All current students, faculty and staff are welcome to use all of the Anatolia Libraries (Bissell Library, Eleftheriades, or the Elementary School) and all of their services. 

The Eleftheriades Library is a member of Anatolia Libraries and Archives and is under its administration.

Students are able to use the library during all opening hours. 

Students can come to the library individually or with a class for information literacy sessions, book talks, or other activities. 

Access is also provided to parents and alumni. Borrowing is available with certain restrictions.

Items from Bissell or Eleftheriades Libraries will be available via Interlibrary Loan to all members with borrowing privileges.   

Wi-Fi is available for educational purposes. Printing, copying and scanning is also available.  

Services which are covered by license agreements or other contractual requirements, such as online subscription databases, are available only to those library users specified by the providers of those services.

Library users must observe all applicable intellectual property laws.

 The Library Administration may deny access or library service to anyone in violation of library rules.

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