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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

There are many occasions in your school life that you will be asked to prepare and give a presentation. It is necessary to develop your presentation skills because these are skills you will be using your entire life. 

In this guide you will find useful tips on how to prepare, organize and deliver a good presentation. 

How to make a presentation

Preparing for your presentation

  • Think of your main topic and brainstorm around it. It could be useful to discuss it with family and friends. 

  • Think of your audience. Ask yourself the question of what is important for them to know and how it relates to them.

  • Base your presentation on your signature idea. In a few words, you should be able to describe your topic and your main points. The rest of your presentation should be complementary to this idea.


  • Have in mind that your presentation should engage your audience and motivate them to action

  • Remember to make an impressive introduction to catch your audience's attention.

  • Use the following techniques to tell your story: 

    • Present → Future. You can follow a chronological order to make your point

    • Problem → Solution. Describe the current situation and present your solution to the problem.

    • List. Present a list of arguments to support your solution.

    • Metaphors. Use them to describe a situation

    • Quotations. Use them at the beginning or at the end of your presentation to inspire your audience.

Create your slides

  • Keep it visual. The less text you include the better it is.

  • Use big fonts. That will help you minimize text. 

  • Use the contrast of colors. Light fonts on dark backgrounds can be useful. Use up to 4 colors maximum.

  • Do not forget consistency. Use the same fonts and colors throughout the presentation. It is recommended to use a specific theme or create your own template.

  • Use as many slides as you need. Ideally, you should have 1 idea per page.

  • Simplify your content as much as possible. Keep it simple and remove any unnecessary information. Preferably use graphs, diagrams, and photos.

  • The audience should not need to read your slides. Your speech should be the prominent part of your presentation. Your slides should only support your speech.

Giving a speech

  • Be yourself. Speak about what you know best. Use emotion and give it a personal touch.

  • Be confident. Practice a lot before your speech. You can record yourself and see your weaknesses or you can find a test audience to help you improve.

  • Move around when you are on stage. Make hand gestures and don’t forget to frequently make eye contact with your audience. 

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