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Humanities & Social Sciences Research Guide: English

Suggested books

Digital literacies : research and resources in language teaching / by Dudeney, Gavin; Hockly, Nicky; Pegrum, Mark. 

Classroom observation tasks : a resource book for language teachers and trainers / by Wajnryb, Ruth. 

The student's guide to writing : spelling, punctuation and grammar / by Peck, John; Coyle, Martin. 

Suggested e-books

English Words : Structure, Origin and Meaning: a Linguistic Introduction

World Englishes : New Theoretical and Methodological Considerations

ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS : 100 Tips for Effective Communication

Preparing Teachers to Teach English As an International Language

Web Resources

Bartleby: Great Books Online

Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events A comprehensive timeline on American history from the mid-17th century through 1920, as well as a robust listing of American literary movements.

Digital Dante 
Texts and contexts for the study of the Italian Renaissance writer Dante.

The English Server arts & humanities gateway:  Comprehensive resource from Iowa State University

The eServer Poetry Project

Geoffrey Chaucer Website: Texts and contexts on Chaucer and life in the Middle Ages.

LONDON FICTIONS   A website celebrating London-based works of fiction

Modern American Poetry 
Described as an online journal and multimedia companion to the Anthology of Modern American Poetry, produced by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the site includes articles analyzing specific poems and the oeuvre of 161 modern American poets.

Poetry Archive
Streaming audio of poets (mostly British) reading their work. Nearly 150 poets are represented. Poems arranged by theme, author, and form and title. Includes a glossary of poetry terms.

Poetry Foundation: an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in American culture

Sonnet Central
Sonnet Central provides both the full text of many sonnets and a variety of useful resources for learning about sonnets, including a bibliography and a "Listening Room" where one can hear recordings of many sonnets.

VICTORIAN WEB   Literary and cultural history focusing on Britain in the 19th century

Pronounce English Words Correctly

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