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Humanities & Social Sciences Research Guide: Religion

Suggested books

Greek religion : archaic and classical / by Burkert, Walter.

The Greeks and the irrational / by Dodds, E. R. (Eric Robertson).

Experiencing the world's religions : tradition, challenge, and change / by Molloy, Michael.

Scriptures of the world's religions / by Fieser, James; Powers, John.

Suggested e-books

Introducing World Religions

Religion and Human Rights : An Introduction

On Greek Religion

Glossaries & Dictionaries

Babylon Glossary of Religious Terms

Glossary of Spiritual & Religious Terms

RELIGIOUSTOLERANCE.ORG – GLOSSARY OF SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS TERMS Includes links to sites dealing with terminology of specific religions

Web Resources


A Web site that provides links to the text of many different versions of the Christian Bible, in various languages.

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Non-demoninational site that makes available free electronic texts about religion, mythology, and more. Texts are presented in English translation and sometimes in the original language.

Religion Online

Thousands of articles and chapters covering Old and New Testament, theology, ethics, history and sociology of religion, communication and cultural studies, pastoral care, counseling, worship, and more.

The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA)

Hosted by Pennsylvania State University, the site contains information submitted by religion scholars and research centers in the world. ARDA seeks to “democratize access to the best data on religion.”

Religious Tolerance

Provided by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, a group of volunteers, this site has information organized by religion and subject. Their stated intent is to “try to explain accurately the full diversity of religious beliefs, world views, and systems of morality, ethics, and values.”

The World Factbook

Provided by the Central Intelligence Agency, the factbook provides information about each country. To view the percentages of the population that adhere to a particular religion, go to the ‘People and Society’ tab for each country.

Encyclopedia Mythica

Provides information on early religions and mythologies, including Greek and Roman.

HUM 209 - Classical Mythology


172 Journals on Religion

Search Engines

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