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Humanities & Social Sciences Research Guide: Politics & International Relations

Suggested books

The Penguin dictionary of international relations / by Evans, Graham; Newnham, Jeffrey.

International law for international relations / by Çali, Başak.

Theories of international relations / by Burchill, Scott; Linklater, Andrew.

Modern political theory from Hobbes to Marx : key debates / by Lively, Jack; Reeve, Andrew.

The Routledge dictionary of politics / by Robertson, David.

Suggested e-books

21st Century Global Health Diplomacy
by Thomas E Novotny, Ilona Kickbusch, and Michaela Told

The Middle East in International Relations : Power, Politics and Ideology
by Fred Halliday and Eugene L. Rogan

Political Theory : The State of the Discipline
by Evangelia Sembou

International Origins of Social and Political Theory
by Tarak Barkawi, George Lawson, and Tarak Barkawi

Political Theory of Global Justice : A Cosmopolitan Case for the World State
by Luis Cabrera

Glossaries & Dictionaries


Political Science Dictionary

Political Science Glossary

Web Resources

  • American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
    AEI is a nonpartisan organization which conducts research into issues of economics and trade, social welfare, tax, legal policies, U.S. politics, international affairs, and U.S. defense and foreign policies.
  • BBC WORLD NEWS   UK public service broadcasting network
  • Brookings Institution
    This independent, nonpartisan organization is devoted to research, analysis, education, and publication focused on public policy issues in economics, foreign policy, and governance. Their Web page provides a wealth of information and links to other resources.
    C-SPAN, a public service of the cable television industry, has created this site for "public affairs on the Web."
  • CONGRESS.GOV   Official US website for legislative information for Members of Congress, legislative agencies, and the public
  • Council on Foreign Relations
    A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization devoted to promoting understanding of international affairs, the Council provides information on terrorism, U. S. policy, globalization, governance and human rights, and much more.
  • POTUS (Presidents of the United States)
    Internet Public Library's links to presidential biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and more.
  • THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
    Search for text of bills, get information on House and Senate Committees, read the Congressional Record, and more.
  • Women in Politics
    This Web page from the Inter-Parliamentary Union features statistics on the representation of women in political systems throughout the world.
  • Taylor & Francis Open Access content on the Second World War 
    Browse the specially curated collection of Open Access book chapters and journal articles on the Second World War.  This living collection will be continually updated with new research throughout the course of 2020.
  • The ReDistricting Game
    is designed to educate, engage, and empower citizens around the issue of political redistricting. Currently, the political system in most states allows the state legislators themselves to draw the lines. This system is subject to a wide range of abuses and manipulations that encourage incumbents to draw districts which protect their seats rather than risk an open contest.

World Politics and International Relations

  • E-International Relations Website for IR students, providing a range of content including articles, blogs, essays and interviews.
  • Eldis Information on and access to policy and research globally on international development issues.
  • Global Policy Forum Scrutiny of UN and global policymaking on peace, security, social justice and international law.
  • International Monetary Fund International financial organisation supporting global monetary cooperation, trade and poverty reduction.
  • International Relations and Security Network Wide range of information tools and sources for researchers and students of IR and security studies.
  • OECD Statistics, publications and analysis supporting policy action to improve economic and social well-being.
  • United Nations News and documents of the lead body and agencies promoting global security and social progress.
  • World Bank Data and analysis relating to the development bank's aim of poverty reduction by inclusive globalization.
  • World Economic Forum Work of body engaging political and business leaders in jointly tackling global and regional issues.
  • World Trade Organization Documents and resources from the main institution regulating and resolving global trade matters.

European and EU politics

  • AEI (Archive of European Integration) Online archive for research sources on European integration, including historic EU official documents.
  • Council of Europe Organisation promoting co-operation between member European states to protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law.
  • ESO (European Sources Online) Details of a wide range of information sources on EU affairs, with links to freely available items.
  • EurActiv Independent multilingual online network reporting and commenting on EU news and policy debates.
  • Europa Official EU portal, giving access to institutions, policies, laws, statistics and official publications.
  • European Elections Database Downloadable data on European national and EU elections since 1990, enabling comparative analysis.
  • Find-eR Details of print and online items in EU Commission libraries (electronic access restricted to Reading subscriptions).
  • Open Europe Analysis and commentary by independent think tank on EU institutional and policy matters.
  • The Parliament Magazine News and commentary on contemporary EU issues and developments.
  • POLITICO (Europe edition) Online news resource reporting on developments in European politics.

US politics

  • Official information and documentation relating to the activities of the US Federal legislature.
  • POLITICO (US edition) Online news resource reporting on developments in American politics.
  • US Government Printing Office Access to Federal publications through FDsys and the Catalog of US Government publications.
  • The White House News, policies and pronouncements direct from the US executive branch of government.

POL 249

POL 333

    Developed and maintained by the University of Colorado Conflict Information Consortium
    Creates simulations and scenario-driven exercises to advance participants' understanding of complex problems and strengthen their ability to make decisions, navigate crises, think strategically, and negotiate collaboratively
    A university consortium dedicated to developing the theory and practice of negotiation and dispute resolution
    Non-profit advisory group providing advice and assistance in diplomatic strategy and technique to governments, political groups, international organisations and NGOs
    Provides access to interview transcripts from the oral history archives of the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training at the Library of Congress focusing on the lives of US diplomats and diplomatic issues faced by the US in recent history 
    Homepage of a freelance writer specializing in the theory and practice of diplomacy)
    French Foreign Ministry in English
    Documents in international law, history, and diplomacy

Organisations and Associations

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