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Humanities & Social Sciences Research Guide: Philosophy

Suggested books

The Blackwell guide to the philosophy of law and legal theory / by Golding, Martin P. (Martin Philip); Edmundson, William A. (William Atkins).

Philosophy of psychology : a contemporary introduction / by Bermudez, Jose Luis.

Critique of practical reason / by Kant, Immanuel; Gregor, Mary J.

Philosophical investigations : the English text of the third edition / by Wittgenstein, Ludwig; Anscombe, G. E. M. (Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret).

Philosophy of psychology : a contemporary introduction / by Bermudez, Jose Luis.

Suggested e-books

Knowledge, Language and Mind : Wittgenstein’s Thought in Progress

Religion and Belief : A Moral Landscape

Studies on Plato, Aristotle, and Proclus : Collected Essays on Ancient Philosophy of John Cleary

Journal Rankings List

Web Resources


Assembled Western Philosophers
Biographical articles on major philosophers.

Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
Brief entries on terms and philosophers; some have links to related electronic texts.

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY Dynamic academic encyclopedia; many articles are written by scholars and are updated regularly.

History of Western PhilosophyA survey of the historical development of Western philosophy.

Philosophy Research Base Philosophy Resources

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A refereed, academic encyclopedia housed at Stanford University.

Voice of the Shuttle: Philosophy
Contains links to dozens of general and subject specific philosophy Web pages.

General Websites

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