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Bissell Library: Access and Use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who may access the Bissell Library and its resources?

How do I get an ID card?

How do I get an ID card? (MBA students)

How do I borrow?

Can I use a computer in the Bissell Library Lab (Lab 7 / Room 211)?

Does the Bissell Library provide wheelchair access?

Printing / Copying

Can I make printouts/photocopies?

Where can I find the printer?

Are scanning facilities available?

How much does it cost to make printouts.photocopies?

How much does it cost to make scans?

How do I pay for printouts / photocopies?

How do I make printouts?

I don't have ACT credentials. Can I still make printouts/photocopies?

Learning Hub

What kind of help can I get from the Learning Hub staff?

Where is the Learning Hub?

Where can I get more information or meet a member of the Learning Hub staff?

Food and Drink

Are drinks allowed in the Bissell Library?

Which types of food are allowed in the Bissell Library?

Where can I throw away my garbage?


Is smoking permitted anywhere in the Bissell Library building?


What is the Bissell Library’s noise policy?

Where can I go to discuss academic related group project work without disturbing other users?

Do I need to turn off my cellphone before entering the Bissell Library?

Building Use

Can I display a poster, photograph, sign, or notice in the Bissell Library?

Can I film or photograph within the Bissell Library?

How can I book the Bissell Library Computer Lab for a class (ACT / AC faculty only) ?


I can’t find the answer to my question in these FAQs. Where can I get more help?

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