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Bissell Library: Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Student Rights

The library provides a forum for information, exchange of ideas and endorses the principle of intellectual freedom. All students are offered equal access to facilities, resources, services, and support. The library is a safe place for study, work and relaxation. The librarians are very welcoming, supportive and ready to facilitate the above.

Expectations of Library Users

Loud conversation or other disturbance is forbidden in the public areas as is any behavior that interferes with the normal use of the library.
Mobile phones must be turned off or turned to vibrate mode.
Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas outside the building.

Consumption of certain types of food is permitted in the lower level Social Zone. Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted throughout the library in covered containers.
Library users are responsible for their personal belongings and must not impede use of the library by others by leaving personal belongings on library furniture or in the aisles.
Library staff are not responsible for any loss of or damage to unattended personal belongings. 
Only animals trained to assist and accompanying persons with disabilities are allowed inside the library.
Library users are not permitted in areas designated for staff.
Library users must not vandalize, alter or damage library materials, furniture, facilities or equipment, including computer systems, programs or data. Those who fail to observe this may face loss of library privileges or disciplinary action.
Persons leaving the library must produce any library item in their possession for inspection if called upon to do so by a member of the library staff.
Any person in the library building may be asked by library staff and/or security personnel to show identification and, if the person refuses, he or she may be asked to leave the building.
Library users must leave the premises if requested to do so by a library staff member.
Anyone violating these rules may be denied future access to the library.

Computer Access:

Open access computers are available for use by currently enrolled students of ACT, Anatolia College and the International Baccalaureate School, alumni of ACT and Anatolia College, current faculty and staff of ACT/Anatolia College/Anatolia Elementary School, and public members. 

Off-campus access to subscription databases is a privilege, not a right.  ACT takes seriously its legal responsibility to comply with licenses and current copyright law, therefore remote access is tracked.

Priority is given to academic work,  searching the Library Catalog or Anatolia Libraries subscription databases.

Inappropriate use includes:

  • Attempting to modify or remove equipment or attempting to disrupt system performance
  • Distributing information not intended for distribution
  • Viewing obscene or harassing material

Any user found violating the provisions of this policy will be reported to the Library Administration. Access to the ACT computer network may be denied by disabling the user’s account for a period of time depending on the severity of the violation.