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Bissell Library: For Faculty

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Faculty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I borrow?

Do I need an ID card?

What is my period of loan?

What if my borrowed items become overdue?

Printing / Copying

Can I make printouts/photocopies?

Where can I find the printer?

Are scanning facilities available?

How much does it cost to make printouts.photocopies?

How do I make printouts?

I don't have ACT credentials. Can I still make printouts/photocopies?

Learning Hub

What is the Learning Hub?

Where is the Learning Hub?

How can my students benefit from the Learning Hub services?

Library Lab

How can I book the Bissell Library Lab for a class?

How can faculty support Information Literacy?

Academic Liaison Librarians

What are the Bissell Library Academic Liaison Librarians?

Who is my Academic Liaison Librarian?

How can my Academic Liaison Librarian help me?

Faculty Library Liaisons

What are the Faculty Library Liaisons?

Collection Development

Can I suggest a print book for purchase or a journal or database subscription?

Can I request an individual article from an academic journal not available through our Online Library?

Faculty Development

Where can I find selected books related to teaching and learning?

Faculty Training

Which educational resources do I have access to?


I can’t find the answer to my question in these FAQs. Where can I get more help?