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Bissell Library: Giving to the Library

Giving to the Library

The Anatolia College Libraries and Archives accept gifts of books, works of art, memorabilia, or other resources that enhance the collection.

The primary objective of a college library is to implement, enrich and support the educational program of the institution as well as to contribute to development of the social, intellectual and spiritual values of the students.

In order to maintain and improve the quality of library materials, it is necessary to apply many of the same criteria in the acceptance of book donations and gifts as are used in the selection of books for purchase.

While donations are greatly appreciated, both in their potential value to Anatolia Libraries and for the thoughtfulness of the donor, certain guidelines must be observed if we are to ensure the excellence of our collection.

Recognizing the sincere wish of donors to help Anatolia Libraries, a number of such guidelines are listed below aiming to assist donors to evaluate their choices and thus assure that their contribution to the growth of the collection will be a positive one.

  • Monetary donations are always preferred because they enable the acquisition of new works in accordance with the highest priorities.
  • Donated books should be works of enduring value, or if not, up-to-date publications.
  • Books should be in good condition (lacking loose or missing pages/covers) and clean (i.e. not damaged by water/coffee/food stains or defaced by ink/highlight marker).
  • Magazines and periodicals will not be accepted, unless they contain material relevant to the history of Anatolia College/ACT and are not already in the collection. 

Anatolia Libraries reserve the right to reject works which do not meet the above criteria so that the collection will reflect the high educational standards of the institution as a whole.  All gifts become the property of Anatolia Libraries and will not be returned to the donor.  Some items may be passed on to other institutions.

Normally gift books which are accepted will not be shelved separately from the general collection; to do so would limit their access and thus their usefulness.

It is strongly suggested that any person wishing to make a donation first inform Anatolia Libraries of their intention to do so. A description or list of the prospective donation (containing author(s), title(s), edition(s), year(s) of publication, or ISBN(s) if applicable) should also be supplied so that the library can evaluate it in terms of its relevance. A prompt and appreciative response will then be made to the prospective donor.

In each case, the donor will receive an acknowledgement from Anatolia Libraries, listing the number and type of materials donated, as a letter or e-mail, a gift stamp in the book, and a searchable note with the donor’s name in the catalog record. The PR department will be informed in order for the donation to be recorded as a “gift in kind”. Librarians do not offer appraisals of gifts.

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